Art Lesson Plans Jan. 16-20

No school on Monday

Art 1

Magazine Half Face

Students will select a magazine face and I will cut it in half.
They will glue half on a sheet of drawing paper and the other half onto a sheet of construction paper.
Next, they will complete the image

Perspective Vocabulary
*Students will define words for our next unit on perspective

Art 2


*Students will design an image for their t-shirt design
*One students have decided what image they want to use for their shirt, they need to draw the design to the exact size and width
*Students will use these designs as a pattern to cut their image out of the film (the film has 2 layers
*Students can cut out the green film it will not attach to the screen.
*Once, students have cut out their image I will melt their image to a screen
*Let dry overnight
*Students will then tape any part of the screen that does not have the green film on it. This will allow the paint to be blocked
*Next, they will choose their color in and print their shirt.
*Let Dry

Art 3

Chalk Pastels

Exercise in Pastels

*Students will work step by step with me experimenting with different techniques of pastels
*We will try 12 different techniques in pastels soft and hard lines, complementary colors, pointillism, blending colors, scumbling, warm and cool, values , cross hatching,grading colors, etc.

Abstract Pastels

*Students will choose 3 pastels in an analogous color scheme. There must be a light, medium and a dark value within this color scheme. Do not use black.
*Draw three free form shapes in the lightest value. Fill the space with these shapes in the lightest value, Fill the space with these shapes.
*Fill in with the medium value pastel.
*Shade the edges of the shape with dark value, allow the pastels to blend. Make the color intense, avoid blending too much with your fingers.
*Use the light value to highlight the shapes.
*Fill in the background with the complementary color of your free form shape.
Art Journal
work on when you are finished with your pantyhose sculpture.

Art 4

Working on their art works for Art Symposium

Teks: 1.b, 2.b, 2.c, 3.c

Modifications: Extended time of completion of assignment

Supplies: rulers, magazine faces, glue, drawing paper, silkscreen images, Ulano film, xacto, chalk pastels, construction paper, Georgia O’Keeffe images

Resources: Ipad, handouts, books, design pages

Evaluation: rubric

Modifications: Extended time of completion of assignment

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