Art Lesson Plans Feb 12-16

Art 1

House – major grade – DUE AT THE END OF CLASS MONDAY
They will work step by step to draw a house in 2 point perspective.

Color Unit

*Students will copy vocabulary words (color scheme, triad, tempera, etc )

*students will find the 12 colors in magazines. Finding different tints and shades of each color and tearing them out and glueing them onto a color wheel that I have made for them. Once the wheel is completely filled they will need to label their wheel on the outside with each color.

Art 2

Torn Paper Image- Due at the end of class Wednesday
*Students will select an image an draw it on a sheet of paper. There subject matter is open (animals, people,landscapes, etc)
*Next, students will begin tearing colors out of magazines of the colors they will need to collage their image.
*They should find different shades of that color to make the image interesting.
*Students will then begin gluing their colors to their paper.

*Watercolor Unit

-Students will begin with a watercolor exercises. This will allow them to get familiar with the medium
– Students will divide their paper into 20 squares.
-In each square we will try different techniques in watercolor (salt, sponge, rubber cement, wet into dry, tape, crayon, etc)

Watercolor Fish
-Students will create an underwater scene with different types of tropical fish.
-They will draw their images very lightly on their watercolor paper.
-Students will begin watercoloring their paper using the different techniques we used on our technique chart.
-Students will need to tape their watercolor paper down to a piece of cardboard so that their paper will not curl up.

Art 3

Finish wire sculpture – due end of class Tuesday

Graffiti Self Portrait

*Students will paint a design with watercolors on a large sheet of watercolor paper.
* I will take a photo of each student using the Graffiti Me App
*We will make transparency of each photos
*Students will trace their image onto their painted background.
*They will then paint their image in black acrylic paint.

Art 4

Paper Mache
Finish painting paper mache project

Once completed they may work on their skethbooks

Plaster Hands Sculpture

*Students will plaster their hands.
*they will then put vaseline on their hands and wraps strips of plaster around their hands
*once their hands are wrapped they will attach it to a board with e6000
*Once their pieces are attached, they will paint with acrylic paints

Supplies: magazines, glue, paper, vocabulary, composition books, watercolor, books on fish, cardboard, watercolor paper, black acrylic, plaster, vaseline, water,

Resources: Ipad, handouts, books, design pages
Evaluation: rubric

Modifications: Extended time of completion of assignment

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