Art Lesson Plans Sept. 17-21

Art 1

Colored Pencil Line Design- due end of class on Wednesday

*Students will draw 9-12 wavy lines going vertical on their page. The spacing should be different between each line.
*Next will place a wavy line across the middle of their page going horizontal
*In each column above the wavy lines they need to place arc lines arcing upward and below the wavy line downward
*After all lines are drawn with sharpie. We will color each section with the colored pencil technique they learned earlier


*We will discuss grid drawings and how they can help a student draw.
*I will demonstrate how grid drawings work
*Students will complete 5 grid drawings
-George Washington
-Abe Lincoln

Art 2

Magazine Zentangle –

* Students will select a person or animal from a magazine and cut it out neatly.
* Next, they will glue their image to a large sheet of paper.
* Students will then begin dividing their negative space with overlapping lines. The negative space should be divided up with at least 12-15
* Inside each section they will draw different types of zentagles
* After all zentangles are drawn they will take a sharpie over all of the pencil lines.

Construction Paper Silhouette

*Students will draw a scene, person, animal, etc on a white sheet of paper
*Next, students will have to decide what will stay the black construction paper and what will be cut out.
*They will then lay there pattern on top of the black construction paper and use an x acto knife to cut out the areas that will have color behind them
*Glue colored construction paper to the black

Art 3

Animal Zentangle
*students will select an animal to draw on a large sheet of paper
*The students will need to divide their animal up in several sections
*In each section they will place a zentangle in that area using and extra fine tip sharpie

Panty Hose Sculpture

*Drill 2 holes in the top of the wood scrap square the same width as the coat hanger wire. Drill the holes about 2-3″ apart and almost all the way through the wood.
*Bend the wire into an interesting form. Push the 2 ends of the formed wire into the holes in the wood, one end in each hole.
*Carefully pull a knee high stocking over the wire form. The stocking can be carefully pulled over the wood base as well.
*First coat of glue: Coat the sculpture with the thinned glue using a foam brush. Let Dry
*You will need an additional 4 to 5 coats of glue to harden the stocking.
*Next, students will ad color to their sculpture with acrylic paint.

Art 4

Tape Sculptures

*Students will choose a partner
*Next, they each choose a pose to create and decide who will go first
* they will wrap the first layer sticky layer out
*next they will wrap 2-3 layers sticky in
* they will do arms, legs, torso, hips and then I will help with the head
*After all pieces are complete they begin to assemble and then begin on their partners sculpture.

Supplies: pencils, drawing paper, paint, rulers, acrylic paint, packing tape, colored pencils, , extra fine tip sharpies, rulers, colored pencils, magazines, glue, worksheets, xacto knives, pantyhose, wood, glue,

Modifications: Extended time for completion of assignment

Teks: 1.b, 2.b, 2.c, 3.c

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