Art Lesson Plans Nov 12-16

Art 1, 2 ,3 & 4 – Due at end of class on Friday. We will hang in the main hallway, the Monday we come back from Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Projects –

*Students will selected a pop icon of with a partner in their class
*We are basing our project off of Grant Woods American Gothic
* They need to find a male and female and also a house
*They will have a sheet of 24×36″ tagboard to draw their images on
*They also have to use either a pitchfork that the farmer is holding or another representation that goes with the couple
*Their images should be the main focus in their drawing, not their background
*They will mount their image on either red or green bulletin board paper.
*They need to have their names and a title on the paper, along with other decorations or images.

Art 4

Working on their art works for Art Symposium – Andrew, Emma, Ashley, Grace

Supplies: chromebooks, tagboard, paint, colored pencils, rulers, watercolors, tissue paper, bulletin board paper, glue, cardboard strips, pencils

Modifications: Extended time for completion of assignment

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