Art Lesson Plans January 14-18

Art 1

Art 1 – Need a Ruler!!!!!

– Perspective Unit

Name in One Point Perspective
*Students will draw their first name in block letters
*Next, students will draw their name in 3-D using one point perspective.
*They will shade in their dimension using their pencil….Light to dark

City Scene-
We will work step by step creating a city scene. They will learn how to drawing buildings, windows, doors, bricks, sidewalks, roads, etc in one point perspective.

Students will follow step by step instructions to draw the following city scene in one point perspective.

Activity 3 Worksheet

Students will complete the worksheet mirroring the objects on the left on the right side.

Birds Eye View – in 1 point perspective

Art 2

Silkscreening – Need a tshirt (light color shirt) No Black or Navy

*Students will design an image for their t-shirt design
*One students have decided what image they want to use for their shirt, they need to draw the design to the exact size and width
*Students will use these designs as a pattern to cut their image out of the film (the film has 2 layers
*Students can cut out the green film it will not attach to the screen.
*Once, students have cut out their image I will melt their image to a screen
*Let dry overnight
*Students will then tape any part of the screen that does not have the green film on it. This will allow the paint to be blocked
*Next, they will choose their color in and print their shirt.
*Let Dry

Art 3

String Art
*Students will receive a piece of wood 12×12
*They need to stain or paint the wood first
*They then need to decide on a design and draw it on a sheet of 12×12 paper. It needs to be a silhouette of the image. They may look on pintrest, google, etc for ideas.
*They will then tape there image to their wood and hammer nails along their desing
*They will then string their string on their board.
****Need to bring a hammer for next project

Art 4

Paper Mache
*Students will decide whether they will create and animal or object in paper mache
*Students will sketch out their decision
*Next they will begin to assemble their animal or object out of newspaper, cardboard, 2 liter bottles, etc
*Once completely built they will will then paper mache their form
*Let dry for a week. We will come back to this at this point and move on to something different while they are drying

**Need to fill a box with found objects that you will create a found art sculpture with

Working on their art works for Art Symposium – Andrew, Emma, Ashley and Grace

Supplies: paper, ulano film, silkscreen, ink, rulers, worksheets, composition book, newspaper, cardboard, tape, glue, box cutters, scissors, hammers, string, paint

Modifications: Extended time for completion of assignment

Teks: 1.b, 2.b, 2.c, 3.c

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