Art Lesson Plans Sept 3-7

Monday is a holiday.

Art 1 –

Finish worksheet on switching form the right to the left if needed.

Positve/Negative Face

* Students will draw a prolie of a face on the right side of their paper and then they will draw a profile on teh left side of their paper.
* They will then connect the two profiles and create a vase.
* Next, students will draw different types of shapes, lines, patterns, etc. in the positvie part of the vase. To create a unique design.
* They will need to fill in their designs with a sharpie.

Art 2

Value Scale

* Students will learn how to create values with a pencil.
* They will have 5 different values to create from light to dark.

Sphere,Cubes, Cylinders & Cones

* Students will learn how to shade forms to give the illusion of being 3dimensional.
* Students will use different values to create this effect.

Worksheet – Day & Night Shading

* The way you shade your drawings can make the difference between night & day.

What’s Your Sign – Sign Language Project

* Students will choose a word that means something to them
* Students will then be given a sign language chart
* They will illustrate the word they have chosen in sign language in their drawing
* Students must include the wrist and as much of the arm as they want. Each hand must come off the edge of the paper.
* The background can be abstract or relevant to their word.
* The background has to have colored pencil when finished.

Art 3


* Students will create a list or sentences all about them. (likes, dislikes, favorites, quotes, etc.)
* Next, they will stamp their thumbprint in the middle of the page.
* I will then enlarge their thumbprint to fit the whole page.
* Students will then trace their the lines of their thumbprint on a new sheet of paper very lightly.
* Next, they will begin writing on the lines all about them.
* Students may use color if they choose.

All About Me

* Students will fill out an info sheet on identity brainstorming
* Student need to answer every question
* Then on the back of the worksheet choose five objects or symbols about their identity and draw them on the back of the worksheet.
* Next, students will receive a sheet of insulation board and begin drawing the 5 shapes they have chosen.
* They will then use a styrocutter and begin cutting their shapes.
* Students will paint their shapes with acrylic paint. Once all shapes are painted they will hot glue their pieces together somehow.

Supplies: Pencils, shading pencils, worksheets, cardstock, sharpies, drawing paper, styrofoam board, styrocutter, sign language charts, markers, paint, paintbrushes.

Resources: Ipad, handouts, books, design pages

Evaluation: rubric

Modifications: Extended time of completion of assignment

Teks: 1b,2b,2c,3c

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